Galebreaker Éire

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Clip-on fast fit panels with built-in ratchet tensioning system for permanent or temporary weather protection and ventilation.


Rollerscreen system for above gates, walls and feed barriers providing fast access, weather protection and variable ventilation.

Sila-Cover® 300

Sila-Cover 300 silage covers provide protection for grass and maize silage from from birds, rodents and other animals. Sila-Cover 300 silage covers also help provide top quality silage.


Galebreaker mesh material available off-the-roll

Agridoor Manual

A sectional rollerdoor system with chain driven assembly, spring assisted for easy operation and to meet EC regulations.

Agridoor Electric

A sectional rollerdoor system, fast in operation with a bird-proof seal. Each section is independent with a choice of materials per section.


Electric rolling system for farm buildings providing access, ventilation and weather protection. Opens from the bottom.

VVS® Side Curtain Systems

VVS side curtain systems make use of freely available natural fresh air to optimise ventilation in livestock buildings.

Light Ridge

Improves ventilation in livestock buildings by providing an exit path for warm stale air while, at the same time, improving light transmission into the building.